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Sulphurous gas with water of air forms droplets of sulfuric acid. Solutions of sulfuric acid can long keep in air in the form of floating droplets of fog or drop out together with a rain on the earth. These solutions corrode metals, paints, synthetic connections, fabrics, perniciously affect plants and animals. Getting on the earth, sulfuric acid acidifies soils. As a result of it the soil fauna that has an adverse effect on a crop is reduced.

But coal (which specific weight, by the way, in fuel balance of some countries increases again) not the only source of pollution of the atmosphere. Now the huge number of harmful substances is annually released into the atmosphere, and, despite the considerable efforts accepted in the world with the purpose to reduce extent of pollution of the atmosphere is in the developed capitalist countries. Thus researchers note that if over rural areas of harmful impurity in the atmosphere nowadays in 10 times more, than over the ocean, over the city they are 150 times more.

Having an example of Los Angeles before eyes, researchers of air pollution everywhere were engaged in revaluation of local problems, and often found a photochemical smog in the air surrounding them. With increase in number of cars the familiar haze began to appear and over the cities - Tokyo, Ankara, Mexico City and Washington.

However everything above the called ways cannot solve a problem of protection of the atmosphere completely. Filters, gazo-and dust collectors lead to a congestion of huge mass of harmful substances which should be stored somewhere. Thus there is a pollution of the soil, surface and ground waters. The part of the polluting substances is not caught on filters and gets to air.

It must be kept in mind that where on the earth there were emissions of dust, soot, gases, rising in the atmosphere and the troposphere, they extend then on all cover of the globe. Their influence doubly and has global consequences.