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Thus, development of reasonable routes and drafts of plans of transportations will promote timely and uninterrupted performance of deliveries of production and effective interaction of the snabsbytovy and motor transportation organizations.

The tasks including development of the system of the organization of transport process (the plan of transportations, the plan of distribution of a kind of activity, the plan of formation of freght traffics, the schedule of vehicles, etc.).

Need of routing of transportation of goods locates also that routes give the chance of designing of the current plans and operational demands for transport proceeding from the valid volumes of transportations.

For development of routes use economic and mathematical methods, methods of network planning, practical materials and other sources. The document characterizing the coordinated schedule of work of the snabsbytovy, transport organizations and enterprises has to become the end result.

The tasks connected with formation of market zones of service, the forecast of a materialopotok, its processing in the serving system (a warehouse of the supplier/consumer, the enterprise of wholesale trade) and other works on operational management and regulation of a material stream.

In the work I considered various transport aspects necessary at development of strategy of passing of a materialopotok, types of transport systems, management of delivery of system and service transport service.

Existence of vehicles for service of a warehouse complex, the enterprises of wholesale trade taking into account the transported production and average loading of the car. Calculation has to be made not only on running number of vehicles, and and on a stock in case of breakages and other circumstances.

Like a rolling stock the careful analysis of character and conditions of transportations has to precede a choice. In this case our purpose — ensuring full and qualitative satisfaction of needs of firms and supplying and marketing organizations in transportations at naibly effective type of a rolling stock.

Routing of transportations — is the most perfect way of the organization of materialopotok of freights from the enterprises of wholesale trade having essential impact on acceleration of a turn of the car at rational and its effective use.

Basis of the solution of all these tasks is development of strategy and the logistic concept of creation of model of transport service of consumers and firms which is based on rational routes of transportation and drawing up schedules of delivery of production to consumers, i.e. routing of transportations.

Organic parts of a transport network are the railroads, river and maritime navigable routes, highways and pipelines for transportation of oil and gas, a network of air-lines. Each of these types represents set of means and means of communication, various various technical devices and constructions for ensuring effective work.