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— The small people, which main problems are connected with an adverse social and demographic and cultural situation (low birth rate, high mortality, acculturation with other people with loss of the language, a traditional way of life, etc.). Here some nationalities of Far North, Siberia and Distant Vostoka1 belong;

— The organization of children's club associations and groups of early esthetic development, clubs of fans of art, family theaters, ceremonial rooms, rooms, art workshops for joint creativity of children and parents, studios and laboratories of folklore, author's art schools, specialized nurseries and teenage clubs;

Project tasks: distribution of traditional and new technologies of art processing of a stone; creation of conditions for productive creativity, social recognition and demand of master-petrografov; use of potential of fair as means of enrichment of economic and cultural life of the city; assistance to professional communication of national handymen, to an exchange of technologies, materials, experience; formation of interest at the population in creativity of masters of the Polar region; expansion of interregional and international cultural and economic relations; creation of additional workplaces.

Actions for implementation of the project: formation of an asset of club and development of constituent documentation; selection of the master handymen specializing in the different types of creativity and capable to assume providing the corresponding areas of work of club; organizational and methodical and material support of work of club.

As resources of development of art culture in the course of design unorganized amateur performance needs to consider the available potential of professional art and national creativity, extra club forms of amateur performance (family ensembles, national performers, groups authentic folklore, to provide participation in design actions (in the national holidays, festivities, festivals of national creativity, ceremonies devoted to history of the edge, etc.) – in the form of personal exhibitions, competitions of storytellers, chastushka singers, creative family reports.

Activities: search and research work and completing of funds of the museum; organization of a workshop for production and restoration of national musical instruments; organization of club of fans of music and musical drawing room; carrying out lectures concerts on base as museum, and comprehensive schools and other platforms of the city; the organization of the musical subscription for children "I — Music"; organization of cycles of concerts, exhibitions, competitive programs for various directions of musical life of the city, country, world; creation of musical library and record library; issue of the Muzykalnaya Zhizn Arkhangelska newspaper; holding "Days of Musical Culture in the homeland of Mosolov" festival and competition of young composers.

Magic of the Jazz project. Project tasks: enrichment of art life of the city; creation of conditions for creative communication and recognition of jazz musicians of the city; development of interregional cultural contacts and communications;

Program tasks: assistance to art development of exceptional children, art and spiritual and moral education of younger generation; creation of conditions for realization of intellectual and creative potential of children, their familiarizing with cultural wealth; use in work with children of educational potential of different types of cultural activity; development of welfare activity of children and parents.

Projects of an ecological orientation: "Green patrol", "An ecological marathon", "Ecological rings", "Day in the country", "The center of ecological education", "A memorial of the lost villages", competitions on the best gardening of streets, yards, programs for ecological education of a family, etc. Their tasks are connected with education of the moral relation of the person to the nature, informing the population on an ecological situation in the region. As a rule, they to be developed together with the society of conservation and other services and the organizations which are professionally dealing with environmental problems.