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The heating – feature of baked milk is heating after homogenization with further thermal treatment within 3 – 4 hours. The heating is carried out in a tubular pasteurizer or VDP to temperature 95 - 99C.

Baked milk – a specific product with a certain look, property and the expressed shade. It is developed from cow's milk not lower than I grades, acidity there is not higher than 18 of T and cream the T is not higher fat content of 30%, acidity of plasma no more than 24.

Cream will be received at milk separation. They contain about 30 - 40% of fat, 2,9 – 2,7% of protein 3,8 - 3,6, lactoses about 0,5% of mineral substances. They are used as raw materials at development of sour cream, normalization of whole milk in production of cottage cheese products. Cream with the raised content of fat of 50 - 55% uses at production of cottage cheese in the way when mix low-fat cottage cheese with cream. Slivkipasterilizovannye at a temperature of 87 - 90C and cooled to 4 - 6C, stores to use in iztormost.

oil with fillers and medical and dietary oil. By production sour-milk a product in (cheesecakes). Use in osnovnomsladkoslivochny oil not less than 82,5% of fat and no more than 16,0% of water contain.

Intensive developments of all branches of a national economy the main objectives of conservation at the present stage. Proceeding from unity of society and the nature and considering that anthropogenous influence – one of ecological factors; find out that process of use of the nature and process of its protection are inseparably linked. From this follows that the basic principle of conservation is its protection in the course of its use.

The third problem – this prevention of pollution by food products substances, harmful to the person. The substances getting in the course of technological processing or transportation concern to them. Here pollution by components of packing materials (metal container, polymeric, and also pollution by microorganisms belong. This problem is characteristic for food branches of a national economy.

Topleniye – milk is stood within 3 – 4 hours. As a result milk gets a uniform consistence with pronounced taste of pasteurization, cream coloring due to interaction of dairy sugar with protein amino acids.

Solutions should not betray to products smack, a smell, should not make harmful effects on a product. Besides they have to have good bactericidal effect, at the minimum concentration and processings the equipment.

The sacks used for a cottage cheese prisovaniye not slowly after the end of technological process clear, erase, will sterilize and dry on air in colibacillus detection cases to the foreman make warnings then take repeated removers; in cases of repeated detection of administration of the enterprise it is obliged to suspend work of shop, for carrying out clear-out.

It is forbidden to overload installation and to allow freezing of brine section. Drums of separators in each case carefully and in strict sequence collect. In the course of assembly and dismantling of separators on the electrostarting arrangement hang out the precautionary poster.

At assembly pasterizatsionny installation needs to check existence and serviceability of rubber laying, to install the panel device management on the mode of automatic control and to open cranes on internal installation communications.

Milk has favorable effect on secretion of digestive glands. On scientific to reasonable norms milk and dairy products have to make one third of a diet (1000 calories of average daily need of the person for the food making 3000 calories).

In a consequence of duration of influence of high t  milk components considerably change. Dairy sugar interact with amino-acid proteins therefore milonoida which give to milk a cream shade are formed; there are also changes of amino acids to formation reaktivno of the capable sulphidic groups entering interaction with some components of milk with formation of the connections having specific taste and a smell of pasteurization. At a topleniye moisture partially evaporates a mass fraction of fat in milk raises.