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Location of farms in relation to sales markets and existence of the overworking enterprises, capacities for storage of raw materials and end products, existence and a condition of vehicles and means of communication.

Already created production potential of agriculture: existence of the reclaimed lands, a livestock of productive cattle, a construction of agricultural purpose, production constructions and so forth.

The balanced development of all spheres of agrarian and industrial complex – a necessary condition of a solution of the problem of providing the country with the food and agricultural raw materials. Now the poor development of processing industries of agrarian and industrial complex and production infrastructure of a complex lead to huge losses of production of agriculture. For example, losses make 30% of collected grain, 40-45% of potatoes and vegetables. The need for the equipment for the industries processing agricultural raw materials is satisfied only for 55-60%, degree of wear of the equipment makes 76%.

Crops differ in biological structure, terms of vegetation and extent of use of production in food without processing and after completion. In this regard development of scientific and technical progress has to be carried out in the direction of fuller and best use of biological features of a concrete type of crops. The special attention has to be paid on development of branches and storage, processing and product sales productions.

Character and condition of means of communication also have direct impact. Production which is easy for transporting, can be concentrated in places where it is most effective. Opportunity to transport production in large volumes also causes reduction in cost of transportations.

The economic efficiency of agricultural production determined by system of indicators are basic of which: an exit of production of agriculture and a gross revenue to unit of the land area and unit of material and labor inputs, profitability of production. It should be noted that set of all considered factors of placement and specialization of agriculture has impact on economic efficiency.

As the generalizing result of a production activity of the enterprises the gross output of agriculture acts. It represents total of the agricultural production made for a certain period. Is a part of gross output of agriculture: