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From this logically follows that an indispensable condition of existence of the insurance market is existence of public requirement on insurance services and presence of the insurers capable to satisfy these requirements.

The Doctor of Economics Shakhov V. V. investigating a problem of protection of a social production is sure that: "The monetary form of insurance fund allowed it to turn from the element serving intra-branch economic circulation in a lever and guarantees of development of interindustry economic circulation"

Therefore, the insurance market is formed during formation of economy and is its integral and important element. As a condition of emergence of that and another public division of labor and a of various owners - the isolated producers serve. The ratio of these conditions defines extent of development of the market relations.

It is necessary to emphasize that the insurance market is special social ­ Wednesday, a certain sphere of the economic relations where purchase and sale insurance protection acts, is formed demand and a for it. An objective basis of development of the insurance market - need of ensuring uninterrupted operation of reproduction process by rendering the monetary help to victims in case of unforeseen adverse circumstances.

It is clear that the market economy is based on a freedom of choice ­. In principle everyone can solve itself as to it to arrive. The person freely to spend the income and independently to solve, what their part to direct on consumption, and what on accumulation. Besides, to the person freedom of the conclusion of agreements with other people. All this the insurance market, offering a wide set of insurance services.

The insurance market assumes independence of subjects of the market relations, their equal partnership concerning purchase and sale of insurance service, the developed system of horizontal and vertical communications.

Thus, transition of domestic economy to the market significantly changes a role and the insurer's place in system of the economic relations. The companies turn into full subjects of economic life.

At the same time, the functioning insurance market represents the difficult, integrated system including various structural links. Primary link of the insurance market - the insurance company or insurance company. Exactly here process of formation and an of insurance fund is carried out, one are formed and there are other relations, personal, group, collective interests intertwine.

The insurance market can be considered also as a form of the organization of the monetary relations for formation and distribution of insurance fund for ensuring insurance protection of society, as set of insurance (the insurer who take part in rendering services.

Now the market transformations transforming the relations when the producer starts working at own risk according to own plan and are born for it by an, impose to insurance new requirements.

The technical and organizational unity and independence are peculiar to insurance company. Economic independence of insurance company in full isolation of its resources, their independent full. The insurance company functions in economic system as an independent economic entity and "is built in" in defined relations of production. Economically isolated insurance companies build the relations with other insurers on the basis of a and insurance.

Objective economic need of use of insurance for insurance protection of a social production, business and welfare of citizens is caused by isolation of the managing, the increased level of financial risks and property interests.

Besides, changes affect also the sphere of property and insurance of citizens that is directly connected with, and the problem of compensation of losses for the person always was and remains.

Historically the natural insurance fund was the first organizational form material a of economic category of insurance protection. He received new quality in connection with allocation from a commodity of specific goods - money.

As the beginning of creation of domestic voluntary insurance it is necessary to consider the fact of real demonopolization of insurance activity and as it is rapid growth of number of alternative insurance companies.