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standard size and image of the case; supply voltage and conclusions on which it moves; tension of logical zero and unit; consumption current (power consumption); range of working frequencies; interval of working temperatures; g) time of a delay of inclusion (switching off); h) association coefficient on an entrance; i) branching coefficient on an entrance.

The processor is intended for performance of arithmetic and logical information processing. Arithmetic and logical operations can be carried out as on discrete elements and on the basis of chips of small and average extent of integration that leads to growth of the sizes of the processor, and encore. In the latter case speak about the microprocessor (MT).

load ability – is characterized by quantity of elements of the same series which can be connected to an element exit without additional devices of coordination and is called as branching coefficient on an exit. For the majority of logical elements of the TTL series makes 10, and for the KMOP series – to 100;

TTL – transistor-transistor logic, DTL – the diode-transistor logic, n-MOP – logic on unipolar transistors with the n-channel. All these reductions designate type of circuitry and a design of digital chips.