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definitions of high-quality and quantitative communications between a mat – rialootdachy, power return (electroreturn, thermolyses, a of turnover of elements of material current assets and factors of the external and internal environment. Efficiency of use of reverse appliances so;

exclusive sale which is characterized by limited extent of saturation of the market long-term services, specifics and strict control of its quantitative distribution, high level of preparation and support of the intermediary, active advertizing;

31t matrix at which activity both on goods, and managing directors on the markets is used, others, in this case are used elements of the commodity, market, functional organization of marketing. Most often this form is used in the course of realization of specialized or continuous production programs;

Strictly speaking, distinguish commodity intermediaries and financial intermediaries. But now there is a global of combination of these different types of an intermediary. So, for example, brokers can be commodity, insurance,, leasing.

For successful advance of a product on the market and its realization it is necessary to differentiate clients and to reveal what can be potential consumers of this product. All clients have different tastes and a need, and respectively it is required to apply different marketing strategy to them.

models of efficiency of use of fixed assets (the basic the capital, directed on opening of influence of factors on capital productivity, efficiency of an of capacities;

intermediary firms (organizations) which can have a marketing network (dependent and (or) independent), a number of subsidiaries, branches, ­ dealers and (or) subdealers can include, separate controlled firms;

Brokers, or simple intermediaries, represent trade persons, specialized firms or the organizations which mutually interested sellers (producers) and buyers (consumers), reduce them, but are not directly involved in transactions neither the name, nor the capital. They can carry out the activity upon purchase sale of various goods and services, securities, currencies and other values at stock and commodity exchanges, the, insurance and freight markets.

Modification of the "cellular" organization of marketing is so-called cartel * the method of the organization of activity of scientists, developers of a special, performers. This collective is gathered for the term of implementation of some project (program), and after disintegration completion of work —

g) internal contact audiences which are presented by workers and employees, members of their families, board members, shareholders, i.e. all for what it would be simply unnatural not to buy goods which not to use services which offer.