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The main region of driving, Yenner (1874 m) - routes of the international level are created here. Local descents are considered as "as routes of average difficulty for experts". The maximum length of routes - 2,5 km. Total length - 8,5 km., from them 8 km. difficult, the others - lungs. To services of skiers of 6 elevators.

But, certainly, the most perspective place for extreme tourism there is Krasnodar Krai. Here it is possible to be engaged in almost any kinds of extreme tourism. And if competently to develop our edge in it the direction, tourists will visit our edge in even bigger quantity.

From all this it is visible that to extreme tourism is where to develop and by that is more increasing to attract to itself new tourists. An extreme it after all sport, and it is remarkable that more and more people want to play sports.

Winter rest in Germany is, first of all, the southern Bavaria. In the southeast the Alpine resort of Berkhtesgaden lies. In 150 km to the west - the well-known Garmish-Partenkirkhen, further away - at the lake Bodenzy - Oberstdorf. Here more than once the international competitions were held. Therefore these centers are considered as "card" of alpine skiing Germany.

Germany. The territory of Germany hardly takes northern part of the Alps therefore here it is less than resorts, than in the neighboring Alpine countries, but alpine skiing rest in Germany is not only it is fashionable, but also well many.