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All told above about esthetic and art culture of the personality brings us to thought of extreme importance of its formation in people, about a place and a role of esthetic and education in social reproduction of the person.

Esthetic education harmonizes and develops all abilities of the person necessary in various areas of creativity. It is closely connected with moral education as the beauty acts as a peculiar regulator of human. Thanks to beauty of people often intuitively reaches and for good. Apparently, in that measure in what the beauty coincides with, it is possible to speak about moral function of education.

education of creative requirements and abilities. Among so-called constructive have the special importance: individual expression, intuitive thinking, creative imagination, vision of problems, overcoming of, etc.

Estimating a role of esthetic education in development of teenagers, in general, it is possible to claim that it promotes formation of their creative potential, having various positive impact on development of various properties entering a creative complex of the personality.

Esthetic education intensifies development of consciousness, promotes formation of the social position based on humanistic values; harmonizes the emotional and communicative sphere of children, reduces sharpness of response to stressful factors at children with hypersensibility, that is optimizes their behavior, expands possibilities of joint activity and communication of children.

In a broad sense understand formation in the person of his esthetic attitude towards reality as esthetic education. It is a specific type of socially activity which is carried out by the subject (society and its specialized institutes) in relation to object (the individual, the personality, group, collective, a community) for the purpose of development at systems of orientation in the world of esthetic and values according to the ideas of their character and appointment which developed in this society. In a of education there is a familiarizing of individuals with values, their transfer to the internal spiritual contents by an interiorization. On this basis ability of a to esthetic perception and experience, its esthetic taste and idea of an ideal is formed and develops. Education by beauty and through a forms not only estetiko-valuable orientation of a, but also develops ability to creativity, to creation of values in the sphere of work, in life, in acts and behavior and, of course, in art.