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Shop (otdelenchesk of structure of management are the most perfect kind of organizational structures of hierarchical type and even a time they are considered as something average between bureaucratic and adaptive structures.

Proceeding from the existing organizational structure, the device an is formed. The management personnel in economy is completed at general shareholder meeting. The director of the joint-stock company, Board of Society, Board of directors.

The greatest specific weight in structure of prime cost of milk is occupied by forages - about 40% and their share is almost constant for three years. The second-large share ­ is the share of an other expenses - on average 27,8%. Fluctuations in structure of prime cost of milk less considerable, than on vegetables.

Labor productivity actually represents efficiency of work, both the certain worker, and division or economy in general. A work - ability of live work to make a certain quantity of production or works for a unit of time.

to approve the conclusion or the termination of any transactions in which one party Society, and other party any shareholder owning the equity stake, not less than 5% of authorized capital, the board member, the board member or the official of Society;

Shop approach provides more close connection of production with consumers, significantly accelerating its reaction to the changes happening in environment. Shop structures are characterized by full responsibility of heads of offices for of activity of the divisions headed by them.

To get out of current situation rather difficult, but ways of an exit exist. Let's give some of them. For example, rationalization of structure of prime cost (decrease in a share other an expense that will cause release of funds for production development. Reduction of losses of a crop that will give the chance to increase a gross exit of production and will reduce its prime cost. The similar result can achieve by a of productivity of crops and efficiency of animals. Also it is only the most main actions, and except them it is possible to carry out also a set that radically can change a condition of economy.

It is known that production demands the corresponding expenses of live work and these or those material expenses. Material expenses are carried out or in the form of objects of the labor and auxiliary materials (seeds, a stern, fuel and so Dahl or in the form of wear of appropriate means of work. Without knowledge of the general level of expenses and their elements systematic housekeeping, introduction of an economic, implementation of the correct distribution and the related pricing, and also providing enough effective measures for sharp decrease in expenses is impossible.

to recommend to shareholders the size, conditions and an order of increase or reduction of the capital and in writing to certify that increase in authorized capital of equally fair market value of the corresponding contribution to authorized capital of Society;

The director of closed joint stock company is chairman of the board of directors, and the chief of economical service holds a position of the deputy director for production. Besides, the chief of economical service still is the chief accountant, i.e. the huge number of duties that, naturally, ­ on result of its work is assigned to one person.

The shop structures based on allocation of large autonomous proizvodstvenyono-economic divisions (offices, a division and levels of management corresponding to them with granting a quick and production to these divisions and with transferring on this level of responsibility for receiving profit.

In summary it is possible to draw the following generalizing conclusion: Total amount of expenses steadily grows in dynamics, but this growth has no intensive character, that is the of production does not move to a positive side. The structure as elements of expenses and structure of cost of products of primary branches completely confirms this fact. As in structure of expenses the main place is taken by the expenses which are not connected with process of an intensification (reduction of a share of the expenses connected with acquisition of objects of the labor and auxiliary material.