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The stage of life cycle of a family undoubtedly influences that it buys. It is dictated by distinctions in needs of people at different stages of their family life. Washing machines are bought more often by young spouses with children to 6 years. The lonely, living separately people (1etap) - the main buyers of semi-finished products.

In this case we are interested in the differentiated marketing and the concentrated marketing so they mean segmentation of the market. Undifferentiated marketing means the uniform complex of marketing of firm directed on the market in general without its division into separate segments. In a case with the concentrated marketing, the uniform complex of marketing of firm is directed only on one segment of the market, one category of buyers. The differentiated marketing means existence of various options of marketing directed on various segments of the market.

Reference groups - the groups having direct or indirect impact on the relations or behavior of the person. Marketing specialists seek to reveal all reference groups of the concrete market in which they sell the goods.

Influence of group affects even more strongly when the goods are reality for those whom the buyer respects. Can be a reference group as representatives of that a class to which the buyer, and more high-class representatives, with higher income belongs.

Age. The age is one of the major characteristics which needs to be considered at advance of goods. Producers have to have adequate idea of that what age group will become the main consumer of their production and proceeding from these data to build the advertizing company. If it is supposed that children will become the main consumer of goods, it has to have the corresponding packing and its advertizing has to be aimed at children, that is has to cause in them desire to ask parents to acquire these goods.

Belief. "Belief - the cogitative characteristic the individual something".17 Buyers mentally allocate goods with certain qualities, whether it be on the basis of already perfect purchase, advertizing, or responses of acquaintances.

Occupation." The figure of the market seeks to allocate such groups by the nature of occupations which members show keen interest in its goods and services. The firm can even specialize on production of the goods necessary to some concrete professional group".10 If the firm specializes on production of goods for concrete professional group, the concentrated marketing aimed only at one segment of the market takes place. It is possible to carry special working clothes, some tools to such goods. Such goods, as a rule, do not need the wide advertizing company, it is important that they well proved at for whom they are intended.

However, it is necessary to consider that both "female" and "man's" advertizing are non-uniform. As a rule, the concrete goods are designed not for all women, and for women of a certain age, with a certain level of the income and determined by features of character. The more distinctly the producer of the potential buyer represents, the advance of goods will be more effective.