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The basis of technical providing is made by scheduled preventive system of maintenance of equipment of the back and rescue and recovery operations. This system aims not to allow emergence of premature wear, accidents, breakages and malfunctions of equipment and to increase reserve maintenance periods for it.

For expansion of a medical aid station of a regiment the platform not less than 100x100 meters in size gets out. It has to be ready to reception of wounded and patients immediately on arrival to an expansion place. Readiness of divisions of the first stage - 15 min. after arrival (offices are developed autodressing and sanitary and evacuation), full readiness - 30 min. in the summer and 40-50 min. in the winter.

The medical support in parts will be organized and carried out for preservation of fighting capacity and strengthening of health of staff, timely delivery of health care by the wounded and patient and the fastest return them in a system.

The inviolable (not reduced) stock is spent with the permission of the commander of a regiment, and in cases being urgent, - with the permission of the commander of a battalion (a division with the subsequent report on it to the senior chief.

- need of the high technical training of the staff operating equipment of the back, consisting in firm to them the technical means consisting on equipment and their opportunities ability effectively to use equipment and to hold the events ensuring its reliable functioning;

Efficiency of management of the back. consists in constant knowledge of a situation and fast response to its change, in timely specification of the made decision and the tasks set by the subordinate, in ability of officials of the back to apply the most expedient methods of work and to solve objectives in the terms providing performance of the fighting tasks by parts (divisions).

It is accepted to understand the persons which for health reasons lost fighting capacity or working capacity not less than for one days and which came to medical divisions, parts and ucherezhdeniye as sanitary losses. The size of sanitary losses is one of the factors significantly influencing the organization of medical providing in part, and on the size of sanitary losses will have impact:

Officials have to know the main requirements imposed to management of the back, the functional duties and methods of work applied at decision-making, statement of tasks and planning rear and on logistics of technical providing and also to be guided by them in the practical work.

- strong knowledge the commanders and chiefs who are especially directly organizing technical providing on the services, an order of use of equipment according to tactics of actions of divisions of the back in fight.

So for example the greatest number of rockets and ammunition both in approach and in defense is spent by the regiments operating in the first echelon and on the main direction, usually in the first day of fight when it is necessary:

Additional stocks after fight to supplies are created by the condensed loading of tractors and automobile divisions of transportation. Besides, for the artillery and mortars participating in artillery preparation additional stocks of ammunition give all the best on firing positions in